This is but a frozen moment of a single individual in their journey with mental health and the irony of being seen.


One of those ironies is in presenting oneself as separate from others, selecting which identities to represent as an interconnected being, like connecting with people by talking about loneliness, or having the intention to let go or maybe even to have more intention.


The title is turn of phrase, it’s an act of self-compassion as much as it is a caveat.


This ongoing project “50 bad artworks” would ideally take a lifetime to complete considering that it allows the artist to short circuit their inner critic, to be playful, and give themselves permission to make art that ideally could actually turn out to be ‘good’. 


It’s also stopping a pattern of guilt that arises when just making artwork with no greater purpose or content. The artist gets ‘to have their cake and eat it too’ since the work is both 50 examples of personal art therapy and also a single clever conceptual art piece. 


Before you ask the artist, “But what makes it ‘bad?’” Consider instead the abundance that exists just between you two (or more): Offer your quirky routines, the placebos and external accountability systems you can’t do without, the exercises you do before starting, the words of encouragement you believe that makes you feel more comfortable to take risks (make mistakes) when you don’t think you could possibly outdo yourself. 

If you’re comfortable with it, share a story about when you stay with your grief, if any ideas in here remind you of anyone you love out there, offer the last time you bucked authority, and how did you do it?


“Humble Thanks goes to Casa Lü (Lupe Quesada), Cooperativa Cráter Invertido (Jazael Olguín), Justine (Melford-Colegate), Lester (Aguirre) aka "Lesdevag", FabLab Mexico (Eduardo Ramírez García), Beth (Pickens), Neil (Gaiman), Robert (Berger), Rita Mae (Brown), The Best Friends Learning Gang, the book ‘Big Magic’, the book ‘Psychomagic, My ‘B of D’ (Rachel Yezbick), Stephanie (Glazier), K (Bradford), Ellen (Uyenco), Christina (Villamor), and everyone who helped with the Time-Blindness / Intention-Deficit-Disorder project (especially for donating via Patreon.com/cedric tai) that was meant to be started at this artist-in-residency but was completed earlier than expected while on unemployment during COVID-19."



Photos by Rubén Garay Araujo.

© 2017 Casa Lü

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