The Art Management Workshop is moderated by the members of C de Cultura


The development of an artistic profile can become tedious and we may even think is not so relevant. In many cases artists are focused on creating and it becomes hard to maintain the balance between production, promotion and sales. As cultural managers we believe there are basic tools that can help develop your statement, your portfolio, your public and your sales and promotion strategies. This will be helpful in the future, when you apply to grants, galleries, museums and for presenting your work formally to your clients and collectors.


In this introductory workshop, we will share with you some tips and tools you may need to develop your artistic profile.


About C de Cultura

C de Cultura is a company and cultural promoter that aims to generate a world of possibilities, encounters and opportunities to create synergies through which new ways of seeing and understanding culture are explored.

As cultural managers we want to promote the use of management tools that facilitate the development of creative projects and their professional growth. We seek to open a space for dialogue and active collaboration between different cultural agents in our community. C de Cultura is divided into four main areas: editorial, management, dissemination and cultural outreach.