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This program is tailored for new artists who are at the beginning stages of their artistic journey or those transitioning from other creative disciplines to explore artistic experimentation. Our emphasis lies in fostering an educational setting that encourages the growth of an artistic practice.


The structure closely resembles that of the Immersive Residency Program, encompassing the same activities, along with weekly lectures on the Mexican contemporary art scene and a workshop aimed at aiding residents in constructing or enhancing a portfolio, artist statement, and biography. This program includes:

  • Private accommodation with an ensuite bathroom (there is only one spot per group with no accomodation included)

  • Studio space

  • Logistical and technical support from the Casa Lü staff to successfully realize projects 

  • Excursions to galleries and museums, studio visits with esteemed local artists, and a variety of other enriching cultural activities.

  • Weekly meetings with our team and/or fellow residents

  • Project feedback and guidance from our team

  • Studio visits and feedback from guest members of Mexico City's art scene

  • Workshop on how to create a professional portfolio, write an artist's statement, and develop a bio
  • Lectures on the Mexican contemporary art scene and related subjects

  • Group exhibition with an opening reception

  • Photographs of the exhibition

The day after the arrival date, we typically have a welcome breakfast followed by an introduction meeting where we go through the Residents Manual, activities calendar, house rules and a questions and answers session. After the group meeting, each resident has a one on one time with our coordinator to discuss their projects and needs in order to get settled. 

Every week, we take residents on an outing to showcase some of our favorite spots in the city. These outings may include galleries, museums, artists' studios, and other cultural destinations. Additionally, once a week, our residents meet with our coordinator, team members, or guests for group or individual meetings to discuss their work.

At the culmination of our program, residents are welcome to showcase their work in a group exhibition at our gallery space. The exhibition opens on the last Friday of the program and will remain on display for the weekend.

All of our activities are designed with the aim of broadening the themes and interests of plastic production within Mexico City, as well as fostering a deeper connection and exchange between the artists in residence and the local community. It's important to note that our residency program is rich in organized activities, this abundance of activities is intended to immerse residents fully in the artistic and cultural fabric of Mexico City. However, this means that residents' schedules can become quite full, possibly more so than they might have anticipated. Given this, we encourage prospective residents to consider arriving at Mexico City a week early. Doing so will allow them the opportunity to explore the city and partake in tourist activities and fully experience the local culture. Planning for this additional time before the start of the residency ensures that artists can focus on their artistic development during their time at Casa Lü.

Art residents in workshop in mexico city

Workshop with Sandra Sáncehz

Concepts, gestures and intensities: writing

Residents lecture in residency

Lecture with Mireya Lastiri

Exploring Mexico's Contemporary Art Scene's Origins

Lecture with Mireya Lastiri

Exploring Mexico's Contemporary Art Scene: Artists, Exhibitions, and Narratives

Lecture in the art residency

Lecture with Amado Cabrales

Latin American Art

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