Photo by Benjamin McVey


There are fixed start and end dates. All of our residencies last for 6 weeks and residents are expected to participate during the whole length of the program.




May 16 - June 27

June 29 - August 10

August 12 - September 23

September 26 - November 7

November 9 - December 21 


January 2 - January 30  (This 4-week residency has a 50% discount as the house will be undergoing renovations.)

February 1 - March 15

March 17 - April 28

May 1 - June 12 

June 14 - July 26 

July 28 - September 8 

September 11 - October 23

October 25 - December 6



The residency fee covers the costs for:

  • Accommodation.

  • Studio space.

  • Logistical and technical support from the Casa Lü staff for the successful realization of projects.  

  • Weekly visits to galleries, museums, art openings, studio visits or other art related activities. 

  • Weekly meetings with our team and/or fellow residents.

  • Project feedback and guidance from our curator.

  • Studio visit and feedback from guest members of Mexico City's art scene.

  • Group exhibition with opening reception. 

  • Photos of exhibition.


Starting in January 2023 we will only have accommodations with private bathroom.

All of our accommodations are in private bedrooms.

  • Accommodation with shared bathroom and shared studio space: $2,000 USD

  • Accommodation with private bathroom and shared studio space: $2,200 USD

  • Accommodation with private bathroom and private studio space: $2,400 USD


You can check out photos of the house and details about the studios here.

*Visitors are allowed for up to 10 nights.

* We accept artist duos (for an extra cost) only if they are a couple or don't mind sharing one bed, this is because our bedrooms only have one double bed.

* We no longer accept children.

If you are an artists duo or you would like to participate in a residency program with your children or family, we recommend you our sister residency EL SUR.