El Sur

El Sur, our sister residency, is located in a hidden neighborhood in the south of the city that offers an authentic off-the-beaten-path Mexican experience. For more info, visit


Both residencies are run by the same people but each one of them has it's unique touch. We invite you to check out both programs and choose your favorite! 


Common aspects in the programs 

  • The aim of both programs is for artists to focus on the production of their work while creating a network and dialogue with fellow residents. 

  • Logistical and technical support from our staff for the successful realization of projects. (locate art supplies, contact technicians, etc).

  • Guidance and feedback from our curator on artistic projects.

  • Weekly meetings with staff and/or fellow residents to talk about your work.

  • Weekly visits to galleries, museums, studio visits or other interesting places. 

  • Open studio and project feedback from guest members of Mexico City's art scene.

  • Photos of exhibition 

What makes each residency unique

Casa Lü

  • Located near the trendy neighbourhoods, restaurants bars and galleries. This residence is ideal for residents who wish to spend more time exploring the city. 

  • The shared spaces allow greater coexistence among residents.

  • The program lasts for 6 weeks.

  • Residents have a series of meetings with the curator to prepare for the final group show. 

  • Residents may choose between a shared or private studio.

  • The work critique is open to the public (besides residets, curator and 2 guests from the art schene).

  • Residents may bring their partner for a maximum of 10 days.


El Sur 

  • Located in an authentic mexican off-the-beaten-path neighbourhood, further from the city and surrounded by calm gardens. This residency is ideal for artists who wish to retreat into their practice and focus on producing a larger body of work. 

  • The house is more spacious, allowing residents to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful environment.

  • The program lasts for 3 or 5 weeks.

  • Artists who stay for 5 weeks are invited to have a solo exhibition at the end of the program with the guidance of our curator. 

  • Every resident gets a private studio.

  • The work critique is private. Only the residents, curator and 2 guests from the art scene are invited. 

  • Residents may bring their partner or family for the whole length of the program.