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El Sur

El Sur, our sister residency, is situated in a secluded neighborhood in the southern part of the city, offering an authentic and unique Mexican experience away from the usual tourist path. For additional information, please visit

While both residencies share the same management, each possesses its distinctive character. We advise you to thoroughly review the details of both programs and compare them to determine which one aligns better with your preferences.


Shared Aspects of the Programs:

  • The objective of both programs is to provide artists with an environment conducive to concentrated work, fostering interaction and dialogue among fellow residents.

  • Logistical and technical assistance from our staff for the effective execution of projects, including locating art supplies and liaising with technicians

  • Guidance and feedback on artistic projects from our team.

  • Regular meetings, either one-on-one with staff or group discussions with fellow residents, to discuss and advance your creative endeavors.

  • Weekly excursions to galleries, museums, studio visits, and other engaging locations.

  • Open studio sessions and project critiques by guest members of Mexico City's art community.

Distinctive Features of Each Residency:

Casa Lü

  • Situated in close proximity to trendy neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Ideal for residents seeking ample time to explore the city.

  • Enhanced opportunities for communal interactions among residents in shared spaces.

  • Program duration spans 6 weeks.

  • Residents partake in a series of meetings with the curator to prepare for the final group exhibition.

  • Residents have the option to select either a shared or private studio.

  • Public participation in the work critique, alongside residents, the curator, and a art scene guest.

  • Residents are welcome to bring their partner for a maximum stay of 7 days.


El Sur

  • Situated in an authentic, less-traveled Mexican neighborhood, nestled away from the city center and enveloped by serene gardens. This residency is particularly suited for artists yearning to immerse themselves in their craft and produce an extensive body of work.

  • The spacious house offers a quieter and more tranquil environment, promoting a peaceful atmosphere for residents.

  • Program duration options include 3 or 5 weeks.

  • Residents opting for a 5-week stay are granted the opportunity for a solo exhibition.

  • Residents partake in a series of meetings with the curator to prepare for their solo show.

  • Each resident enjoys a private studio.

  • For the 3-week residencies, the work critique is open to the public, in addition to residents, the curator, and a art scene guest.

  • During the 5-week residencies, the work critique is conducted privately, exclusively involving residents, the curator, and two art scene guests.

  • Residents are welcome to have their partner or family accompany them for the entire duration of the program.

  • We gladly accept applications from artist duos or collectives.

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