OPEN X FILES, moderated by Amado Cabrales, is a series of informal meetings at Casa Lü between the artists in residence and members of Mexico City's art scene. Interdisciplinary artists, guests and interested public from different latitudes will dialogue and generate constructive criticism of the creative process and ideas of the resident’s projects. 


Each resident will give a 10 to 15 min presentation of their work in progress and previous work followed by a 10 to 15 minute feedback from our host Amado Cabrales and two guests from the art community (curators, artists, collectors, etc). This event will also be open to the public with a maximum capacity of 15 people (including residents, host and two guests) and it will occur some Tuesdays from 7 to 10 pm, the exact dates will be announced on social media


These meetings have the objective of broadening the themes and interests of plastic production within Mexico City and deepening and sharing interests between the artists in residence of Casa Lü, local artists and curators.




About Amado Cabrales

Artist, art educator and organizer who teaches workshops and uses collective dynamics as a form of artistic-pedagogical production. His training in educational art processes began in the seminar Medios Multiples (MM5), a theoretical-practical project of artistic production at the UNAM. He worked at the Tamayo Museum of contemporary art for three and a half years, where he collaborated on the development of projects for integral audiences and inter-institutional training projects. He is part of the network of Pedagogías Empáticas (Empathic Pedagogies), an extitutional project on education and art. He also co-created the collective Cuerpo Estratégico (Strategic Body) which uses both the body and collective body as the axis of its work processes. As an individual artist, his work focuses on the relationship between space, imagination and memory.