Centro de Tlalpan is like living in a small town hidden away in the southern part of Mexico City. It is one of the oldest towns in the city with Colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and lots of trees. Its main square, with its park, church and market place, is a meeting point for local people who enjoy the tranquility of the zone and the ambience of the bars and restaurants around the kiosk.  It seems that time stopped in this old town.


Some of the main attractions within Tlalpan are:

  • The Municipal Hall. 

  • Mercado Publico. This public market is the last "Porfirian" style market left in Mexico City. 

  • Casa de Santa Ana. 

  • Tlalpan Mint  For 2 years, in the late 1800's, this building was where Mexican coins were manufactured, and today it is a secondary school.

  • Casa Frissac. 

  • Casa Chata. 

  • Parroquia de San Agustin de las Cuevas. 

  • Cuicuilco Archeological zone. The oldest archeological zone in Mexico City, whose inhabitants later moved away to Teotihuacan. It features a round pyramid which is unique in the country.

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