Our Mexico City house is located in the south part of the city, somewhere between the fashionable neighbourhoods of Roma and Condesa and the picturesque and peaceful neighbourhoods of San Ángel and Coyoacán.  We are close to the beautiful and lush 'Parque Hundido' park that has great running paths and artistic reproductions of precolombian stone work. The neighborhood is mainly residential, but it also has some restaurants, cafés and shops. The proximity to metro and metrobús lines makes it easy to move around the city and to the near by art supplies stores.


Only a fifteen minute walk from SOMA, a non-profit organization conceived to nurture discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art. Each Wednesday, SOMA opens its doors to the general public with Miércoles de SOMA – a weekly series of lectures, performances, and presentations in which experts from different disciplines discuss their own practises. 


A few bus stops away from the University Cultural Center, with the contemporary art museum MUAC and a sculpture garden surrounded by nature and petrified lava that contrasts with the huge and colourful geometric sculptures.

This residency program is ideal for artists who wish to be part of Mexico City’s dynamic art scene, not only by visiting museums and galleries but also openings and other events. 


Tepoztlan is a mountain town only 75 km south of Mexico City. Popular for its authentic traditional environment, cultural richness and communities with ecological and progressive thinking. The counterculture, ecotourism or the simplicity of its everyday life are all appeals of Tepotztlan. 

Known for its temple located on the top of the mountain, healing arts, ancient traditions and weekend parties, Tepoztlan offers a little something for everyone. During the week the town is mellow and peaceful, while the weekend is bustling and vibrant. 

Some of the attractions are the local market, the beautiful former Convent of the Nativity and the hiking trails all over the area.Tepoztlan’s main street is full of shops and roving vendors selling local crafts and food. The busy and bustling nature of the town center means there are lots of places to eat and drink. If you feel like exploring the city, Mexico City is only an hour away. Buses run every half an hour and only cost 7 USD. 

The house is located in Huilotepec, a small town neighbourhood, only a ten minute bike ride from the town center (we provide the bikes). The warm weather throughout the year makes you want to visit the nearby public swimming pool. There are 3 bedrooms in the house and an open air studio that overlooks the beautiful hill 'Cerro del Enano'. The proximity to blacksmith and carpentry workshops, hardware store and a post office, makes it easy for residents to carry out projects as well as to order all the art supplies online. 

This residency program is ideal for artists who wish to retreat themselves and focus on their projects while having an authentic Mexican small town experience. 

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