Museums, galleries, restaurants and stores are open. Activities are back to normal but since we are taking all the safety precautions to stop the spread of the COVID virus very seriously, we will continue to be strict about the hygiene precautions until further notice. 


We require that all residents and Casa Lü staff adhere to the following rules:



1.  All residents must present a vaccination certificate or negative covid test upon arrival to the residency.


2. Always wear a face mask when leaving the house (it is considered impolite not to do so in Mexico) not only at public places but also when walking at the street. 


3.  Please carry antibacterial gel and utilize often, wash hands as soon as re-entering the residency.

4. During weekly meetings or other activities, wear face mask and take a safe distance from each other, especially our staff. 

5. Outside visitors to the residency are limited and only with the consent of fellow residents and Casa Lü staff. If you have guests it is best to hang out in the garden and if they enter the house they should wear a face mask. 


6. Clean after yourselves in all common areas, especially in the kitchen. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink and please store all of your groceries in your assigned shelves. Do not leave food or dishes on the kitchen counters and table.  


7. If you feel any of the covid symptoms, you must immediately notify our coordinator and take a covid test.


"Casa Lü is a beautiful mid-century modern style five-bedroom, there are huge windows, lots of plants, the climate is great, and the neighborhood is safe, quiet, and close enough to Condesa, Roma (the hip neighborhoods), and Chapultepec Park. During COVID, we implemented all the sanitation guidelines in the house and all the residents followed them. It was very easy to work in the studio by myself or hang out outside with others at a safe distance. I had a great balance of work and socializing. During my time there, Mexico City had started to open up its business and cultural centers, following health guidelines as well. I felt comfortable being there and also going to a couple of museums and galleries and visiting markets. I felt that the solidarity and civic duty of citizens around allowed for the slow opening of the city in a very safe and comfortable way. 


Lupe was very supportive of my work and whatever I needed, I appreciated her and the other people around Casa Lü that welcomed me in the house and the city. By going to Casa Lü, I got a break from all the heavy stuff going on in the US. I feel privileged to be able to step away from the fires, the protests, the threat of fascism etc. Having the chance to focus on my work for a few weeks and be in such a beautiful place has been healing for me and for my practice."

Aida Lizalde

Gabi Magaly.JPG

"Casa Lü was my first art residency and didn't know what to expect, especially during COVID. I was worried about adjusting to a new place but Lupe made sure that I felt comfortable and safe at the residency. She took us around Mexico City to experience it even with everything closed, she still wanted us to see the city as safe and normally as possible. With stores being closed, she tried her best to find a store for us to buy art supplies. The shared studio space is big, great size and with amazing lighting. Casa Lü is located in a great area that is within walking distance to a lot of things that you need. I had a great time during my stay at Casa Lü. I would highly recommend this place!"

Gabi Magaly

Cedric Thai by Gabi Magaly.jpg

"It was important to me to get back to my art practice, and I don't want to sound so dramatic, but I was worried that I didn't have a plan for how I was going to prioritize and re-center art in my life without following through with this opportunity. 


So I am in another country, not on vacation, but working away, looking out of a giant window towards the back garden, another artist to my right is starting his maybe 7th painting, another artist is upstairs chatting away doing their part-time remote consulting and behind me in the kitchen another artist who has been in Mexico City for the last two years is heating up some vegan tacos with tortillas from the tortilleria. I would feel like I was more in a bubble if I hadn't been put in touch with a friend with a place that can help me get some Riso affordable prints made, Lupe fired some ceramics for me yesterday and will be doing another firing tomorrow, and this evening while it was raining and I got a text from another person in Mexico City that I can't wait to see texting me back that "the rain is romantic".

I could improve my Spanish if I wanted to, I could work on twenty different pieces if I wanted to, I could take a hike in Parque Hundido if I wanted to, and it's the most realistic way I can imagine being both in quarantine, but also this is a lovely way to imagine what kind of life I want to emerge from after quarantine. On the practical level it's still less expensive than my own home plus studio, and it's ideal if you needed a change of environment from ones own small cramped quarters (sick of your roommates? Then I wouldn't hesitate to consider this option!) I do miss our 4th housemate who I enjoyed going on feminist rants with, who tastefully embroidered an image of herself masturbating onto a curtain, and her show has come down and now I'm getting ready for a socially distanced solo show in 5 days. 

All together, I can't imagine having done anything else (other than maybe protesting with friends in the states, but that's a whole 'nother risk too) and although the speed of time has been weird, and there are yet more things I'm not sure I'll be able to complete before I need to leave, Lupe's been more than accommodating than I expected anyone to be. So this place holds a special place in a lot of artists' hearts, and now mine too, and if you're lucky enough to get in like we were, then by all means take the time, because I don't know any other places that are trying to figure out how to adapt to new circumstances. If you're not already in the works on project X, Y, Z, and you're feeling like you're kind of just floating (like a lot of us here are), this is a great place to ground yourself."
Cedric Tai

Sarah Thibault.png

"Spending three months at Casa Lü Tepoztlan, and then two months at Casa Lü CDMX has been an amazing experience that has changed my life- despite happening during a global pandemic. I have felt so lucky to have access to the studios and stylish living quarters during my stay in Mexico City. Lupe has great taste and will do her best to make sure you are comfortable wherever you are staying.  The neighborhood surrounding the residency has a local vibe, with cute cafes, restaurants, and a big park that has been perfect for going on runs.  It is located a short bike or Uber ride away from Coyoacan and Roma/Condesa, but removed enough to feel peaceful.  Highly recommend!"

Sarah Thibault 


"Casa Lü has been a great place to develop my ideas as an artist. During this past month, I was able to do research and implemented ideas for my virtual exhibition. I had access to a beautiful studio space with an enclosed garden and there are two machines available to do some woodwork. The neighborhood where Casa Lü is located it's really safe, it's surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. I highly recommend this residency to any local or international artists."

LesDav Ag 


"Casa Lü has been the perfect place to concentrate on work and formulate a virtual exhibition during this season of physical distancing. The Mexico City location offers ample workspace and a lovely enclosed garden. There is a huge, beautiful park within short walking when breaks are needed and plenty of grocery and art supply options within walking distance (that also offer delivery to the house). The program provided a safe opportunity to continue focused production and a digitally memorialized "virtual show" to take away with me." 

Matthew Anderson