Growing up in place in religious household, sex wasn’t talked about and is considered sinful before marriage. In middle school sex ed they covered the topic of boys masturbating, but never female masturbation, or what the clitoris is. It shouldn’t have taken meeting my boyfriend at age 17 to be fully aware of what my body is capable of; I didn’t really know and understand my body. 


Embroidering images of the full anatomy of the clitoris and using self portraits of me pleasing myself, I update traditional household items associated with my Mexican-American abuelita's house: Like doilies, kitchen towels, table mats and table runners. I want these items to be culturally and physically accessible. Abuela’s kitchen is a welcoming home and I add to this defiance, empowerment, with hope for change. 


I invite guests into this place where the objects installed create an experience of a new normal; of women celebrating their bodies casually and unabashedly. It may seem shocking to some, but if we all start educating ourselves about the amazing body part that is the clit, it is just the beginning of a conversation. Otherwise it’s an unspoken expectation that women are at their greatest baby factories and have been shamed against exploring their bodies and enjoy sex.


Photos by Rubén Garay Araujo.