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We are a creative community that works in harmony to inspire artistic and personal growth through art.


"In Tibetan, the word for body is 'lü', which means 'something you leave behind'. Each time we say 'lü', it reminds us that we are only travelers, taking temporary refuge in this life and this body."

Sogyal Rinpoche 

Casa Lü is also a place where you can take temporary refuge to concentrate on your artistic practice. The aim of our program is for residents to focus on the production of their work while creating a dialogue within emerging artists from all over the world. To date, Casa Lü has hosted over 202 international artists from 23 countries.

Testimonials from past residents:

Candelaria Palacios.JPG


“Thanks to my experience at Casa Lü, I realized how deep one can go into a single idea or artistic body, giving it the time it requires. The possibility of spending 6 weeks continuously working in the studio with so much light, space, other artists constantly inspiring us and the management of Casa Lü's staff nurturing us with the experience of the artistic scene in the city, allowed me to mature many ideas and creative projects.
The contact with the artistic scene that exists in Mexico City seemed amazing to me, since there is a great diversity. For me, coming from South America, it was really an open mind in terms of artistic language.
Feeling the support, affection, and constant presence of the residency coordinating team made me feel at home, feeling part of a team, a family, and a very complete project.
Infinitely grateful to Vicente, Lupe and Michelle. I am leaving very inspired by their way of being a team and the great management, there was no detail that they did not see. Incredible. Thanks a lot!!!"



"I enjoyed the  residency at Casa Lü for a number of reasons.  The residency was well organised with weekly trips, friendly and knowledgeable staff, a structured program that included a curator, a photographer for exhibition shots as well as open studio critiques.  I also enjoyed getting to know  the group of artists that I shared the residency with. Casa Lü, the casa, studio and garden is an amazing setting in the heart of Mexico City. My artistic practice will continue to develop from the focussed time I spent at Casa Lü. I hope to stay connected with Casa Lü and the international artists I met. Muchas gracias, kanui te mihi!"

Mena_Eilen Itzel_Headshot.jpg


"Casa Lü has been one of my favorite residencies to participate in. As an Afro-Dominican artist it is important for me to create work in places that reflect aspects of  my identity and help me grow professionally. Mexico City provided me with that. At Casa Lü I was able to push my practice and be supported critically by the Curators that work with Casa Lü - thank you Patty Siller & Amado Cabrales. Casa Lü is an extremely organized residency which also provided great work and communal spaces as well as excursions and trips that helped us understand the art world in Mexico City. Because of these experiences, I was able to develop a creative project, create six paintings that I am very proud of. I also had many opportunities to communicate critically about my work in Spanish. I would recommend Casa Lü to any artist who is trying to immerse themselves in the Latinx Art World/ Market and is looking to be supported in exploring the depths of their work."

Aremy Stewart.jpeg


"My experience at Casa Lü went far beyond my expectations. I've taken part in a number of international artist residencies and none of them can compare to this. First, the living quarters are beautiful, as are the studio spaces. Care is taken to ensure that artists are engaged in the local community through field trips and studio visits. There are opportunities to give artist talks, build your confidence when speaking about your practice, and exhibit at the end of your stay. All the while living and sharing meals with artists from all over the world and exploring a vibrant and beautiful city. I can't overstate the great work Casa Lü is doing for the arts community by offering this amazing residency. I loved it."

Jeanie Riddle art resident


Foremost and importantly, I loved that my studio area looked over a lush garden (a garden where we enjoyed amazing conversation, meals, dance parties). I loved how much I felt at home and the relationships that were forged with my cohort! I loved the weekly outings that we experienced and the attention that was given to our needs. It was truly a memorable experience that I won’t soon forget! Thank you Daniela, Mariel and Brenda for being so responsive and fun! And the very best part; I love the artworks that I made during my residency at Casa Lü!

Lydia Burgess mexico city art resident


My time at Casa Lü brought out the best parts of my work and parts of myself! This was due to the beautiful casa space and the programme being so comprehensive and thoughtful, I felt not only integrated with Mexico City but also supported to create the best work that I could. The team behind Casa Lü are helpful and knowledgeable and each one incredibly inspiring. I will carry this experience with me as a very special memory, thank you.

Maddison Kitching artist


The residency program at Casa Lü was fantastic. It was a good mix of structured activities and time to explore the city and make work. The facilities and atmosphere made me excited to make work. I loved my time at Casa Lü :)

Andrew Ordonez artist in residence


I am so happy I participated in the Casa Lü Residency Program. Casa Lü is an exceptional artist residency, community, and live-work space. The studio space and the unique architecture of the house inspired me to elevate and develop my studio practice in new ways. Not to mention the garden view windows offer the most beautiful natural lighting. The staff are so supportive and helpful with navigating the city and locating material for projects. Plus they’re incredible artists too! I was very impressed with how integrated the residency program was with the larger artist community of Mexico City. My studio mates and I were able to make connections with local artists and curators throughout the duration of the residency. Beyond studio work, I was able to explore the culture and cuisine of CDMX, which only enriched my practice more. Casa Lü is a dream come true! I’m honored to be an alumnus of the program and I recommend artists of all backgrounds to apply.

Juan Escobedo art resident CDMX


Casa Lü is the first residency that I was accepted to.  I was very cautious coming into the residency because I have heard of how formal and rigid other residencies can be.  Nothing can be farther from the truth about Casa Lü.  Lupe, aside from being hilarious, was very generous with her space and feedback.  The way the residency is structured allows the residents to get a balanced amount of time for making, art discussion, meeting local artists, and immersing oneself in the city's dynamic culture.  


I'm incredibly happy that Casa Lü was my first art residency experience, and even happier that I am part of a new community of artists. 

Sargam Gupta art resident mexico city


I came to Casa Lü in search of a home away from home, where I could give more time to my art and interact with other artists. It gave me a lot more than I ever imagined and I am grateful to the Casa Lü team for creating a residency program that offers guidance, but also enables you to work at your own pace. I took back with me some beautiful memories and will always look back at this time with a smile. 

Gordon Silveria resident artist


My residency at Casa Lü was rich and rewarding. The challenge of creating an exhibition in six weeks combined with exploring one of the greatest cities in the world is something I’ll never forget.  The program gave me the freedom to explore and create but also had a structure of gallery visits and gallery openings that immersed me in the CDMX art scene. About mid-way through the program there is open studio where I was able to present my work to curators and others.  The feed-back and discussion at the open studio event provided a valuable learning opportunity. The residency experience truly enhanced my personal growth as an artist and the exposure to Mexican culture was wonderful. If you want to challenge your artistic self and grow as an artist I highly recommend Casa Lü.

Sarah Sagarin artist in residence


Casa Lü is truly an exceptional residency program. As an artist I have long dreamt of visiting Mexico City for its astounding collection of museums, public art, and modern architectural treasures. It also has one of the most dynamic contemporary art scenes in the world right now, and Casa Lü was a unique residency experience for me because not only does it provide a beautiful home base and studio work environment, it really excels at introducing artists into that world. Through a rich schedule of gallery visits, openings, curatorial studio visit, and events at the onsite gallery, we were able to connect and build friendships with local artists, gallerists, and curators. My experience there was one of the best of my life. I made great work, great friends, and fell in love with Mexico City. 

Rodrigo Jimenez Ortega.jpg


My experience at Casa Lü was great. I felt very comfortable and the organizers are very approachable, friendly and helpful. The residency offered a great amount of freedom which allowed for a pace that was what I needed it to be, at any particular moment. My time spent there felt very productive and reinvigorating. It was nice to have other artist around, as it allowed for a feeling of comradery to develop and also it was always nice to see what others were working on.

Nicolas Borenstein.png


Casa Lü offers a truly transformative creative experience. In my experience, the residency provided a supportive environment to advance my filmmaking while also engaging my other creative pursuits like dance and performance. Not only is the residence nestled in one of the richest cultural cities in the world, allowing its residents an opportunity to immerse (and/or retreat) from the vibrant city but the home itself is a beautiful, all-glass, airy building that serves as inspiration itself. During my time at Casa Lü, I felt an immense sense of community and creative freedom - encouraged by both the staff and my fellow residents. As someone who rarely writes reviews, I'd highly recommend the residency to artists who are searching for an individualized, self-starting artistic getaway in one of the greatest cities in the world. I am forever grateful to Casa Lü for a residency that changed the course of my artistic journey. 

-Nick Borenstein, Filmmaker & Dancer

Amy Hoagland.jpg


My experience at Casa Lü was truly enriching. The house is a wonderful space to work within. There is plenty of natural light through the beautiful windows that surround the house. I loved the community aspect of the program and getting to know the other residents living in the house. There was plenty to do and see in Mexico City and the residents were sent reminders of events. We visited various galleries, museums, and openings. Mexico City is full of resources for artists, and I was connected with a local fabrication company as an additional resource for making work. It was a pleasure spending time with the satff as well. She is hardworking, and makes herself available for the artists when anything is needed or to discuss work. 

Julia Schrecengost_edited.jpg


Casa Lü is a wonderful residency opportunity for any artist at any stage of their career. It's a relaxing but productive, bright and sunny house nestled in the middle of Mexico City. Just a short walk away is the sunken park, with its sculptures and dog park (probably my favorite park in the world), as well as various amazing restaurants, a tortillería, the metro and bus. Working in an open studio space is a great opportunity to make new connections and friends, collaborate, and learn.  There is a very vibrant art scene in Mexico City, with endless opportunities to view and experience art, and many must see museums. I wish I could have stayed there longer - everyone who was a part of this residency experience was wonderful, kind, hilarious, and talented. 

Hana Koob.jpeg


I had a great experience at Casa Lü! The house (and garden!) is a great place to do work as well as rest, reflect, and relax. It also serves as a communal space where residents can share their ideas, opinions, and life stories. The house is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood of CDMX and is close to many transit lines as well as Parque Hundido, my favorite park in the entire city! The staff who run the program, serve as great resources for the residents as they are able to provide useful information regarding the neighborhood, art supplies stores, and upcoming exhibitions. Learning about and getting looped into the independent art scene in CDMX was very special. Overall, I had a delightful and productive residency at Casa Lü, met many talented artists, and got to live in one of the best cities in the world! 

Troy Argyros.jpeg


My time as an artist in residence at Casa Lü was productive yet relaxed and overall very enjoyable. I'm a realist painter so light is an essential component of my practice, and the staff was very accommodating, allowing me to paint by the window where I had beautiful natural light and providing necessary equipment like an easel, table and chair. My room was comfortable and clean and I felt like I was living in a tiny boutique apartment. The communal kitchen and dining area is spacious and a great place to talk with the other artists over breakfast. I would highly recommend this artist residency.

Elisa Pinto.jpg


Casa Lü has a special charm and vibe, it is a house that makes you feel relaxed even if you are in the middle of the city. The large space allows you to do or produce whatever you can think of. 

The time I spent at the house was motivating and very productive. I was very happy to live with other residents and exchange ideas and opinions, also having the pleasure of meeting Lupe, who is an excellent hostess, organizer and a very nice person.

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