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We are a creative community that works in harmony to inspire artistic and personal growth through art.


Casa Lü is proud to be the residency program that has hosted the most artists in Mexico City's history. With over 280 artists calling Casa Lü their home, we offer a vibrant and supportive community that nurtures creative development.

"In Tibetan, the word for body is 'lü', which means 'something you leave behind'. Each time we say 'lü', it reminds us that we are only travelers, taking temporary refuge in this life and this body."

Sogyal Rinpoche 

Casa Lü serves as a sanctuary where you can seek temporary refuge to fully immerse yourself in your artistic practice. Here, you will have the time and space to experiment with new ideas and work without interruption from the daily obligations of life.

Our program is created by artists, for artists. Our purpose is to cultivate a global dialogue among artists while showcasing our vibrant city. We encourage residents to explore Mexico City's dynamic art scene. We arrange weekly excursions, provide a curated list of museums, galleries, and local attractions, and keep residents informed about exhibition openings and other events. 


Given that the majority of our residents are international, our residency program is conducted entirely in English and all artists in residence must master the English language. To date, Casa Lü has hosted artists from 23 different countries.

Casa lu resident lying on the residency ground in Mexico City

From left to right: Residents Jenny Riffle, Nancy Kangas, Harvey Castro, Emma Carlén and Jared Zhang.

Artists working in residency studio

Annabel Paran and Rebecca Swainston at the shared studio. 

Art residency posada in Mexico City

Celebrating our traditional Posada. 

Art residency residents painting house

Nasarimba painting a mural at our neighbors house. 

art residency team in mexico

Our dedicated team who works hard to make of our program a unique experience for our artists in residence.

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