Delphine Thomes

Being a resident at Casa Lü Tepoztlán in April was dreamy. The mountains and the garden were the best company in isolation, and for a while I felt far away from the uncertainty everywhere else in the world. The local neighborhood has all the services you need, and there is an atmosphere of respect and care. The project I worked on in Tepoz was an experiment with elements of nature - local ingredients and abundant sunlight - so I fell into pace with my surroundings very easily, and went on long walks to see all the different flowers and crazy big trees.

Leslie Moody Castro ​

I could not be more grateful for the invitation to be a curator in residence at Casa Lü Tepotzlan. My time at Casa Lü coincided with Mexico’s shelter in place ordinance for COVID-19.  I was relieved to see that the small town was following protocol and actively taking caution to protect its residents. Spending two weeks at the house was also a gift, to be surrounded by nature and have a beautiful garden to work in, and read in felt like a luxury in the chaos. I was grateful for both the time and the beautiful space.

Leon Bowers

Casa Lü has given me a life changing opportunity to take some time out of my everyday life and focus on my practice amongst the beautiful surrounds of Tepoztlan. It feels like a real blessing to be working in this location and I feel it has injected a new energy into my artwork. The location is a lovely rural setting with mountain views, and yet is surprisingly close to the city -  it is the best of both worlds really, I feel like a month isn't long enough to truly absorb the place, however I am really getting taste of 'real' mexico here.

Alán Ramiro

Casa Lü, Tlalpan is a dream come true. During my residency I was able to venture out to the city to gather inspiration and return home to create in a bright studio that welcomes natural light and views to the garden. I miss the dogs keeping me company while I worked. 
My experience was the perfect balance of solo time harnessing my creativity and making friends with my house mates, Lupe and her friends. As a young artist, the time at Casa Lü helped catapult my production and identify myself as an artist. It was a holistic experience and a gift. Thank you, Lupe! I hope to see you soon to rekindle good times. 

Courtney Coombs

I loved every minute of my time at Casa Lü, Tlalpan. The house and its garden were beautiful and perfect for exploring and contemplating. I loved my little studio at the top of the stairs with an external outlook. The location was perfect, a little out of the way of downtown Mexico City, but very close to centre of the wonderful neighbourhood of Tlalpan. The location meant that you had enough peace and quiet for taking the time needed to think and make, while also being able to get amongst the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you needed. The organiser, Lupe, and her family as well as Majo, the studio assistant were incredibly welcoming and helpful. The only downside to my time at Casa Lü was that it was nowhere near long enough. Next time I will come for three months, I hope!

Bruno Albizzati

The two months spent at Casa Lü Tlalpan, represented a singular experience for me. It articulated on the one hand a productive retreat in a beautiful quiet garden, where I fully dedicated myself on preparing the end of residency solo exhibition, experimented new ways of creating and engaged in stimulating dialogues with co-residents. On the other hand it enabled me to discover the uplifting artistic, cultural, patrimonial, historical and social excitement of the extraordinary Mexico City, with the expert help of Guadalupe. It was an important step, as this was the beginning of a longer relationship with the country, including travels and other residencies to come.

Rodrigo Angel Jimenez Ortega

My experience at Casa Lü Parque Hundido was great. I felt very comfortable and the organizers are very approachable, friendly and helpful. The residency offered a great amount of freedom which allowed for a pace that was what I needed it to be, at any particular moment. My time spent there felt very productive and reinvigorating. It was nice to have other artist around, as it allowed for a feeling of comradery to develop and also it was always nice to see what others were working on.

Laila Van Berge

When I came to Mexico and Casa Lü, I had actually no real idea where I got myself into. But I arrived in a most welcoming setting and personal atmosphere. I stayed for just for one month, but it really became a temporal home, with a nice interaction with the other residents in the two houses and the amazing crazy mom of the house, Lupe. The house where I stayed is in a town like neighborhood, Tlalpan, where it is great to work in the nice studio and away from the busy city center, but with the possibility to go into this chaos when you need or want to. In the short time staying here I really fell in love with this place. So much, that I want to live there anytime soon.

Nicolas Borenstein

Casa LÜ, Parque Hundido offers a truly transformative creative experience. In my experience, the residency provided a supportive environment to advance my filmmaking while also engaging my other creative pursuits like dance and performance. Not only is the Parque Hundido residence nestled in one of the richest cultural cities in the world, allowing its residents an opportunity to immerse (and/or retreat) from the vibrant city but the home itself is a beautiful, all-glass, airy building that serves as inspiration itself. During my time at Casa LÜ, Parque Hundido, I felt an immense sense of community and creative freedom - encouraged by both Lupe and my fellow residents. As someone who rarely writes reviews, I'd highly recommend Parque Hundido to artists who are searching for an individualized, self-starting artistic getaway in one of the greatest cities in the world. I am forever grateful to Lupe and Casa LÜ, Parque Hundido for a residency that changed the course of my artistic journey. 

-Nick Borenstein, Filmmaker & Dancer

Cindy Rehm

I had a wonderful residency at Casa Lü, and was grateful for the time and space to develop a new body of work. My light-filled studio looked out upon a beautiful garden with fruit trees and a very friendly pack of dogs. I enjoyed meeting other resident artists and appreciated sharing art and life over group dinners. It was wonderful to have the quiet of the residency house along with the opportunity to explore the fascinating art and culture of CDMX.

Amy Hoagland

My experience at Casa Lü, Parque Hundido was truly enriching. The house is a wonderful space to work within. There is plenty of natural light through the beautiful windows that surround the house. I loved the community aspect of the program and getting to know the other residents living in the house. There was plenty to do and see in Mexico City and the residents were sent reminders of events. We visited various galleries, museums, and openings. Mexico City is full of resources for artists, and I was connected with a local fabrication company as an additional resource for making work. It was a pleasure spending time with Lupe as well. She is hardworking, and makes herself available for the artists when anything is needed or to discuss work. 

Julia Schrecengost

Casa Lü is a wonderful residency opportunity for any artist at any stage of their career. It's a relaxing but productive, bright and sunny house nestled in the middle of Mexico City. Just a short walk away is the sunken park, with its sculptures and dog park (probably my favorite park in the world), as well as various amazing restaurants, a tortillería, the metro and bus. Working in an open studio space is a great opportunity to make new connections and friends, collaborate, and learn.  There is a very vibrant art scene in Mexico City, with endless opportunities to view and experience art, and many must see museums. I wish I could have stayed at Parque Hundido longer - everyone who was a part of this residency experience was wonderful, kind, hilarious, and talented. 

Hana Koob

I had a great experience at Casa Lü - Parque Hundido! The house (and garden!) is a great place to do work as well as rest, reflect, and relax. It also serves as a communal space where residents can share their ideas, opinions, and life stories. The house is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood of CDMX and is close to many transit lines as well as Parque Hundido, my favorite park in the entire city! Lupe and Majo, who run the program, serve as great resources for the residents as they are able to provide useful information regarding the neighborhood, art supplies stores, and upcoming exhibitions. Learning about and getting looped into the independent art scene in CDMX was very special. Overall, I had a delightful and productive residency at Casa Lü, met many talented artists, and got to live in one of the best cities in the world! 

Chris Bury

I stayed in Casa Lü for 6 weeks and loved every minute. The self-directed program allows you to complete a body of work completely of your choosing, with room to move as you explore the city. The relaxed and down to earth nature of Lupe and other staff made for a lovely, lively and productive home.

Justin Korver

Casa Lü was my first introduction to Mexico City. Guadelupe, the residency director, was delightful to work with and helped to orient me in the exciting context of the city. I have and continue to recommend the residency to friends because it was one of the richest, most restful, and productive working situations I've ever found myself in. Don't hesitate to apply! 

Troy Argyros

My time as an artist in residence at Casa Lü Parque Hundido was productive yet relaxed and overall very enjoyable. I'm a realist painter so light is an essential component of my practice, and Lupe was very accommodating, allowing me to paint by the window where I had beautiful natural light and providing necessary equipment like an easel, table and chair. My room was comfortable and clean and I felt like I was living in a tiny boutique apartment. The communal kitchen and dining area is spacious and a great place to talk with the other artists over breakfast. I would highly recommend this artist residency.

Elisa Pinto

Casa LÜ, Parque Hundido has a special charm and vibe, it is a house that makes you feel relaxed even if you are in the middle of the city. The large space allows you to do or produce whatever you can think of. 

The time I spent at the house was motivating and very productive. I was very happy to live with other residents and exchange ideas and opinions, also having the pleasure of meeting Lupe, who is an excellent hostess, organizer and a very nice person.

Anna Carlson

I loved my time at Casa Lü Tlalpan. My month spent there was transformative to my practice, as being there gave me the space, access and inspiration to go out of my comfort zone and try new mediums, which I’m continuing to develop now. Lupe was lovely and during my time there gave me the trust and encouragement to paint on the house, with a total freedom to express that however I wished. Majo too was fantastic and an excellent ‘fixer’ - being able to hook me up with any local suppliers and makers that I needed during my time there. 


The community of Casa Lü was a real highlight; the hosts and other residents informed us of and encouraged us to get involved with the vibrant local art community, with numerous exhibition openings every week and a programme of events at the houses to get involved with. The team at Casa Lü felt like family and made me feel very comfortable and welcomed and I had a lot of fun during my stay. I hope to return one day!

Marianna Trofimova

Casa Lü was a gift that I gave myself during the 2019 summer to relax, paint, meet new people, explore Mexico City.

I found this place on the Web and had a great feeling about it, but did not know what to expect.

The house is serene, comfortable and inspiring. All the plants in the garden exhume life and encourage creativity.

My studio on the second floor was perfect for the work I was doing. I create a new body of work, that I wanted to do for a long time. I met wonderful creative artists, learned from them, and explored the rich art world in Mexico City. The location was perfect for me, as I wanted to be in the big city, yet not in the middle of it. I live in NYC and love the urban life and what it had to offer, yet I wanted to have a quiet place that also supported my studio practice and Casa Lü in Tlalplan was exactly that. Guadelupe organized an unforgettable day trip to the mountains, which brought joy and opened new horizons. All in all, I was absolutely satisfied above and beyond by this experience and will recommend it to anyone. I am so proud that Guadelupe is able to create such a wonderful place for the artists, who absolutely need these places to revitalize.

Noah Kashiani

Mexico City has an abundance of energy and inspiration and the Casa Lü house in Tlalpan is perfect for an artist to grow. Not only is it an ideal location that is in close proximity to everything you need, but it is a wonderful space to retreat and create.  Lupe and her staff were very helpful to me, as I had many strange material requests, Lupe also does an excellent job of offering you exciting events and shows to see around the city. During my time at Casa Lü I met a lot of incredible people and grew very much as an artist.

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