"In Tibetan, the word for body is 'lü', which means 'something you leave behind,' like baggage. Each time we say 'lü', it reminds us that we are only travelers, taking temporary refuge in this life and this body." Sogyal Rinpoche 

Casa Lü is also a place where you can take temporary refuge and focus on your artistic practice. The aim of our residency program is to create a network and dialogue within emerging artists from all over the world. 

We offer two different residency programs: 


MEXICO CITY RESIDENCY PROGRAM. The 5 participants live and work in Casa Lü. While working on their personal projects they are encouraged to visit Mexico City's dynamic art scene. We provide a calendar with openings and other artistic events, as well as a list of recommendations for museums, galleries and other local attractions.

There are fixed start and end dates. During the 6 weeks residency there are several group activities and residents are invited to show their work in a colector exhibition at the end of their stay. 



TEPOZTLAN RESIDENCY PROGRAM is a self-directed programThe house is set in a rural environment and can host up to 2 participants. While working on their personal projects they are encouraged to present their work to fellow residents and staff members for feedback. A staff member will stay at the residency 2 to 4 nights a week. This residency program is ideal for independent artists who wish to have an inward focus to their residency experience and concentrate on their practice while having an authentic Mexican experience. 


The residency lasts for 1 to 3 months. There are no fixed start and end dates. Writers or artists with a writing practice are encouraged to apply. Residents who stay for 3 months are welcomed to show their work in a solo show at our gallery in Casa Lü Mexico City. The show includes transportation of works, curatorial advice, assistance on installation, exhibition opening and photos.

Dates and fees

How to apply

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