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I am a visual artist based in San Francisco. I paint to visually recall and document emotional responses to intimate connections, longed-for places, and lived experiences. I like to infuse my practice with a delicate lightness, a sense of play, and a quiet contemplation of the layers within ourselves that underlie our everyday connection to our surroundings. Bringing together contrasting influences of light and shadow, hardness and softness, edge and curve, in an effort to evoke feelings of both strength and vulnerability.


I express these moments through various experiments with colors, shapes, and lines using water-based media. I enjoy mixing and making my own watercolor paint and inks by hand using pigment and binding medium. This aligns with a certain philosophy I like to keep in mind while creating: one that engages the senses and celebrates a deep appreciation for raw materials and the beauty of simplicity.

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Matilde Digmann (Mat) is a multidisciplinary artist and author. Mat's artistic practice is multi-faceted, but is rooted in two main principles:

Mat’s work evolves around shadow and outing the things we want to keep in the dark, thereby calling out structures in society and discrepancies in the dominant morality. Mat is working on outing shadow (in a Jungian sense) on a personal as well as on a societal level.

The second focus of her artistic practice working towards the betterment of her community - Mat is in service to particularly blocked artists via the podcast Shadow Work Podcast and in pursuit of healing a generation of men and women who have been broken by growing up in capitalist society and in abusive families - via the graphic novel Pseudo.


Sol Bailey-Barker is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture, sound and performance. Bailey-Barker is informed by the development of technologies that were for millennia seen as shamanic for their transformative power upon the landscape and their influence over life and death. His work reconnects technological development and its ancient spiritual origins. Drawing on the sound of rhythmic machinery, deep space and sacred bells, Bailey-Barker’s sculptures often double as sonic ritual instruments.



The Gramounce is a collective researching food and art. We explore how to best convey information through food. We aim to challenge the concept of the art gallery, question the relationship of artists and labour and successfully fund art projects through our supper clubs. We establish the meal as a new display context where the audience is comfortable to be able to access contemporary art. The guest’s attention is choreographed to better engage with the work shown. The Gramounce is run by artists Nora Silva and Finn Thomson

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Lexi Faith is a multidisciplinary artist, mainly focusing on performance art, visual art, textiles, fibers, and sustainability. She currently works with recycled materials and repurposes them into wearable art, and with mixed media to create paintings that combine poetry, indigenous textiles, and acrylics to expand on the storyline of awakening to and loving the darkest parts of ourselves which therefore permeate our current social systems at large. By making our unconscious, conscious, through the practice of expressive arts, Lexi believes that we can each heal ourselves, and ultimately live at our highest potential and ability to love. Besides visual arts, Lexi is an accomplished actress, singer-songwriter, writer, dancer, designer, and tantric teacher.

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Leo Nataf is a multidisciplinary French artist based in Paris. He obtained his BA in fine arts in Central Saint Martins, London. He has shown his work in England and France.