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Lea Marcaccini

Lea Marcaccini is a French/Italian mixed media artist, working with photography, drawing & collage. Born and raised in a nature reserve on the Pacific coast of Mexico, she has been surrounded and inspired by the diverse and rich culture it has to offer. From pre-Hispanic art and Mythology, to vivacious colors, spirituality, to its vast flora & fauna. Such themes are gently conveyed into her work, indulging in both the friction and synergy of color, used as a form of communication.


Lea likes to explore the study of bringing the subconscious to the conscious, otherworldly dimensions and what the naked eye cannot see. Through self-portraiture, Lea plays with the connections between feminine sensuality, mysticism and natural forces. She invites the viewer to explore the unknown within through play of dreamscape and internal exploration.


Lea has shown her work in numerous group shows in the UK, Paris & Los Angeles, as well as displayed in the Drake hotel in Toronto. Her work has also featured in publications such as British Vogue, Vogue Mexico, So It Goes, Based Instabul & Ingenue Magazine.

Yve Guzman

b. Silver Spring, MD, 01/17/1991

Painting, sculpture and printmaking. 

I am among many artists throughout history who have found landscapes inspiring and use this as a means for expressing an internal narrative. While the work is simultaneously expansive and compressed: its overarching story is a satire on our cosmic ontology. The environment’s syntax is created by primary figures such as rocks and leaves, supported by the lingering subtext of swirling gradients and vortices. These repeating interstellar bodies are symbolic of growth and collapse: an ongoing theme throughout the work. 

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