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Rebecca Swainston’s art addresses the intense experience of being alive. Making connections between mind and body as well as psychological and physical worlds, the works convey their meaning through the use of abstract, symbolic and figurative devices. 


Rebecca has focused her life towards art from an early age. She gained a first class honours degree from Winchester School of Art and a Masters from Chelsea School of Art. Represented by two major U.K. galleries she has exhibited widely in one man, juried and group shows and currently her show ‘ Patterns of Change’ is at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford, U.K. She has paintings is in public and private collections internationally and has published two books. Having taught at all levels, she currently mentors other artists looking to find their own visual voice. Her deep interest in the workings of the human mind feeds into her creativity and is frequently the subject of her images. 


Veronika Čechmánková.jpg

Veronika Čechmánková is a Czech photographer and mixed-media artist based in Prague. She focuses primarily on the transformation of symbols and traditions over time, and their possible meanings in the present. She studied at the Studio of Photography and New Media at FAMU – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and her art has been shown in galleries such as Center for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Karlín Studios in Prague, Studio Vortex in Arles, or at the BF Artist Film Festival in London. Veronika was also nominated this year by the Fotograf Gallery under the photography platform Futures Photography based in Amsterdam.


Čechmánková currently works as an assistant to the head of the department of photography and also as an assistant of Imaginative photography studio at FAMU. 


Sally Gordon jpg.jpeg

Sally Gordon is a UK based artist whose work, based on memory and travel, explores buildings, spaces and the transient relationship between people and their surroundings. Somewhere between reality and dreams, shapes and figures, intended to possess elements of both figuration and abstraction, sit within or move through semi-tangible landscapes. Naïve structures are woven together through a narrative of bright colours and patterns, with doorways, windows, barriers and objects, connecting them to the world around them. 

Sally graduated with a Masters Degree from Chelsea School of Art, London in 2017, having previously had a career in business. Since then she has had work displayed in exhibitions including The Wells Art Contemporary and The Royal Academy, London. 


Lessica Ledwich.jpeg

Jessica Ledwich is an Australian based visual artist whose work explores female body culture, sensuality and contemporary ideals. With much of her work drawing on the themes of perversity and pleasure, she seeks to find the space between the uncanny, the erotic and the taboo.


She is a recipient of both an Australia Arts Council Artstart award as well as a Cultural Career Fund award and in 2021 she was awarded the British Journal of Photography Fast Track Award as well as the 1854 Edition365 Award. She was recently published in Art Monsters: Unruly bodies in feminist art published by penguin books.

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