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Lisandra Valdes is a Miami native that has been exploring her creativity by studying various mediums throughout her educational career in multiple institutions and universities. She has become a multidisciplinary artist with works consisting of photographs, illustrations, paintings, drawings, sculptures and even sound and video installations. For the past couple of years her focus has shifted to creating various landscapes that she coined “emotional landscapes”. These works consist mostly of an imagined dark world with beautiful mountainsides, caves and waterfalls that have allowed the artist to emerge themselves in a world that they can escape to. Lisandra hopes to show that even such dark locations can hold beauty and allow the viewer to have a mental break from the ordinary and find themselves somewhere tranquil.

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Christopher Capriotti is a Philadelphia based conceptual artist whose work explores and interrogates the ways that white male subcultures romanticize, fictionalize, and exploit myths and histories alike. He's interested in unpacking their ritualistic crossovers, problematic extremism, and their posing; his practice is narrative driven, project-based, and cross-disciplinary, with a focus on installation, appropriated imagery, and granular detail. The work spans a variety of media and subjects, but broadly addresses the themes and problems inherent in performative masculine identities. He holds a BFA in sculpture from Tyler School of Art.

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A multimedia artist and storyteller who works primarily on paper, Julia Cella treats her works as vessels that hold and express a raw & organic story. She constructs fictional fantasies that seek to capture the essence of a story and what remains, often considering themes of identity, the physicality of the body vs. place, and queerness. Her work is not defined by medium, but rather her effort to delve into the core of a character, their fleeting intimacies and delicate intricacies. She selects a medium to express a sturdiness, a fluidity, a brightness or dullness, pain and joy as is applicable to each character and story. Her characters, therefore, take the forms of devils, angels, and bodies with contorted and disrupted physical forms: exploring the grotesque, withered and faded beauty that lies within. In many of her pieces, you’ll notice backgrounds & surroundings that intrude on overlapping–sometimes indistinguishable–bodies and adjacent objects. These components act as a visual map that emphasizes confusing borders, blurred boundaries and morphing lines: a mapping of body, self, place, multiple realities, and you.

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I am a photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. I primarily shoot on film. My work is a commentary on our culture of observation, escapism, and the construction of femininity.  I am interested in the female relationship with her body and how it is damaged by constant scrutiny and exploitation. I have shown my work in New York City.

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Alejandra García was born in San Diego, California and spent much of her youth traveling back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border. Her work is centered around a protagonist named diosa, who embodies Alejandra’s exploration of her identity as a Mexican-American woman. Alejandra combines visually grotesque imagery with moments of delicate tenderness in order to convey feelings of self-love and self-hatred, as well as discomfort in the body juxtaposed against sexual exploration. Her practice is rooted in introspection and in her desire to meld the aspects of herself that often feel contradictory. Through her work, Alejandra aims to take up space, to show that diosa and those who identify with her story can and should be the subject of fine art.



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