Residencies during COVID-19. What to expect?

"Casa Lü has been the perfect place to concentrate on work and formulate a virtual exhibition during this season of physical distancing. The Mexico City location offers ample workspace and a lovely enclosed garden. There is a huge, beautiful park within short walking when breaks are needed and plenty of grocery and art supply options within walking distance (that also offer delivery to the house). The program provided a safe opportunity to continue focused production and a digitally memorialized "virtual show" to take away with me." 

Matthew Anderson


"I could not be more grateful for the invitation to be a curator in residence at Casa Lü Tepotzlan. My time at Casa Lü coincided with Mexico’s shelter in place ordinance for COVID-19.  I was relieved to see that the small town was following protocol and actively taking caution to protect its residents. Spending two weeks at the house was also a gift, to be surrounded by nature and have a beautiful garden to work in, and read in felt like a luxury in the chaos. I was grateful for both the time and the beautiful space."  Leslie Moody Castro 

"Being a resident at Casa Lü Tepoztlán in April was dreamy. The mountains and the garden were the best company in isolation, and for a while I felt far away from the uncertainty everywhere else in the world. The local neighborhood has all the services you need, and there is an atmosphere of respect and care. The project I worked on in Tepoz was an experiment with elements of nature - local ingredients and abundant sunlight - so I fell into pace with my surroundings very easily, and went on long walks to see all the different flowers and crazy big trees."

Delphine Thomes


Matthew Anderson


Matthew Anderson (b. 1989, Indiana, USA) is an artist, musician, and software consultant living in Mexico City. He grew up in a conservative religious family with three older brothers. Love, support, and fun abounded throughout his upbringing, but emotional maturity was a foreign concept to him until his late twenties.


He now seeks to attune himself to his emotions as they are triggered by ordinary scenes and objects from life. A watch on a table, a house on a hill, a dog on a couch - these simple daily snapshots can serve as vehicles for drawing out, feeling fully, and integrating past imprinted emotions and their present situational application. He hopes to make this process more natural for himself and more accessible to others through playful yet profound artistic expression.

Sarah Thibault


Sarah Thibault is an artist and writer based in San Francisco.  Her artwork has been exhibited in the US and abroad, including an upcoming solo exhibition at Fahrenheit Madrid in Madrid, Spain.  Past projects include exhibitions with Steve Turner Contemporary, BAMPFA, Interface Gallery, HILDE Gallery and the ART in Embassies program in Montevideo, Uruguay. Thibault and her work have been featured in Artsy, CARLA, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, SFAQ, The Examiner, The Huffington Post, and 7x7.  She is a Charter Resident of the curated Minnesota Street Project studio program in San Francisco.  She holds an MFA from the California College of the Arts, a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. 

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