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Rosario Salgado


La Plata, Argentina, 1986. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata as Professor and Graduated in Plastic Arts with an orientation in Painting. Rosario investigates visual language as a strategy to inhabit the world for as long as she can remember. For ten years she has reflected on the plant universe from an expanded conception of painting, exploring various materialities and compositional methods. She is currently working on the development of a synthetic personal language that aims to reveal what defines an organic system as such. Through formal variations, she investigates its internal logics on the plane, the links between the parts and their possible interrelations. Concrete although subtle, their configurations become routes of rhythmic and chromatic intensity, proposing entropic dynamics that seek to generate a certain estrangement from what we think is already known.

Marisha Falkovich.PNG


Marisha Falkovich b. 1993 in Moscow, Russia lives and works in New York, USA. She works primarily with ceramics and animation, often combining sculpture and video. She received BFA from Tisch School of the Arts in Animation & Film. Participated in CalArts Residency 2019 and Casual Art Fair, New York 2018. Awarded a solo show at Transatlantique Gallery, Paris in October 2019. Past projects also include short animated films, music videos and documentary film animation.

Ash Rivera.jpg


Born in NYC in 1995. She went into Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts to study painting, but left with a love for sculpture. Upon graduating, she moved to Brooklyn, NY, in the hope of finding a sense of community, and now she is part of the studio program Chashama. In 2016 she was nominated and chosen to attend the Yale School of Art’s Summer residency in Norfolk, VA, where community and collaboration became a cornerstone of her art. Currently, she wants to explore the world of prop making/set design. Her sculptural techniques involve collecting found objects or using everyday scrap material to then transform into something she believes came from an alien world. Her interests revolve around the unfamiliarity one might have with their own body and bringing out feelings of discomfort by creating all forms of textural surfaces that invoke those feelings.  

Sophie Varin.jpeg


Sophie Varin was born in France in 1993. After growing up between the countryside and Paris, she got her BA from the National Fine Art School of Paris, then studied at Hunter College School of Fine Art in New York and finally graduated from her MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. She now lives and works between Brussels and Paris.

Sophie Varin’s paintings and sculptures focus on our relation to reality, and how it often means a negotiation between what you would like to see, and what you would like to hide.  Depicting seemingly banal situations, her works create ambiguous scenarios where apparent familiarity shows a twisted face. Very interested in abilities to adapt and mimicry techniques, she likes to think of her subject’s capacity to understand -or fail to- its context. Her works give a great importance to the gaze of the observer, the witness, the public. Especially how curiosity, desire or fantasy have the ability to modulate what is seen. This distorted gaze, too thirsty to remain rational, is projecting so many blurred scenarios onto the real.

Aside from her painter and sculptor’s practice, she writes detective stories starring a fictional persona; J.P Gutti.  Among others, she has had recent solo exhibitions with feeelings in Brussels, at Fortnight Institute (New York City) and Brooke Benington (London).

Maude Sauvage2.jpg


Maude Sauvage is a Belgian visual artist, she lives and works in Brussels.

She creates an object with its matter, its color, its composition: from matter to form, from form to possible object. Through shapes and materials, she explores the emergence of the body that is conditioned and becomes an object of constant experimentation and in research of equilibrium. It is in this equilibrium that one finds that societal codification again through the playful assembly of modules and the combination of matter-colour effects, directly drawn from the seductive range of our environment. What is the brilliance of a metal that covers the roughness of a rock, that homogenizes the gap in the material and shows us that one element is dependent on another or on the contrary. So many little conflicts of materials and colours which nourish this physical interdependence in our environment.

Antoine Carbonne.JPG


Antoine Carbonne is a French painter living in Brussels. He graduated from Beaux Arts in Paris (Ba 2009 Ma 2011), and also took part in a year of study at Hunter College in New York in 2009-10.

Since graduating, he soon moved to Brussels. His activity is now shared between these two cities. Often referred to as contemporary surrealism, he prefers the term “magical realism” to define his work. This term, which does not designate an artistic current, leaves an ambiguity. In any case, it raises very contemporary questions such as that of hallucination and dreams which are dear to Carbonne.

He participated in exhibitions in Europe, notably at the MuhKa in Antwerp or at the Villa Noailles (France).In the United States at the Rachel Uffner gallery and Embajadada in Puerto Rico.

He also frequently collaborated with Hermès and other brands for set designs, pattern conception or as an invited artist.