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Loora Kaubi (1998) is an artist working in Tallinn, Estonia. She holds a BA degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Fine Arts and did part of her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Kaubi's practice revolves around the (female) body and the societal relations and power structures that are involved with it. Wandering between the real and the imaginary, she approaches life as a spectacle in her work and focuses on creating a scene through which to perform intense emotion. Loora Kaubi approaches topics like eternal sleep and feelings of in-betweenness and often seeks ways to interpret them through personal experiences. Kaubi has been awarded the weekly prize of the Estonian Association of Young Contemporary Artists and has participated in exhibitions and performances in Estonia and Austria.


Feline Hjermind.jpg

Feline Hjermind is a crafter of moving images, engaged in shaping a unique visual language—an audiovisual handwriting. She develops ways of animating, bringing life and character to static images and rigid concepts; often displaying moving images in multi-screen video installations. Maintaining a frivolous yet critical approach to popular image culture, Hjermind is interested in how we attach meaning to images. How do structures of information, capital and power determine how we interpret, value and desire the images that surround us? And how can you destabilise these habitual readings? Hjermind engages with these questions through a number of themes: desire, horror, world-building, animation and animacies, voyeurism.


Feline Hjermind (DK 1993) is based in Amsterdam. She holds a BFA from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2020). She has received the talent development grant Artist Start from Mondriaan Fond (2022) and has showed work internationally in places including Eye Film Museum (Amsterdam, NL) SKAL Contemporary (Skagen, DK), AMNUA (Nanjing, CN), Gender Museum Denmark (Aarhus, DK)


Fernanda Urquiza.JPG

Fernanda is a Chilean artist currently based in Mexico City. Her main focus is working with textiles and embroidery, analyzing the morphological abstractions of the themes she explores through textile work.

Fernanda embroiders different elements such as lights, shadows, cuts, and interpretations, using a variety of colors and textures to develop a new perspective on the nature and objects that surround her. The result of her work is a conceptual depth that allows us to appreciate a different

dimension of reality.


Lisette Ros.jpeg

As a conceptual performance artist, I use my body as a tool to do research. I am conditioned by an understructure rooted in our primary, daily behavior and as an inquiry towards (my) identity: who is I, in the midst of it all?


My performances always carry recognizable elements; I analyze routines, banal actions and question conventions, daily rhythms, and self-evidence. I illustrate the consequences of the socio-cultural and socio-societal praxis that affect us, through performance, knowing that this cannot exist apart from me. My body is the medium and, therefore, the pivotal place of action, the battlefield where these types of questions are asked. My performances are marked by reiterations of gestures and acts, increasing the feelings of discomfort in myself and in the spectator while unmasking societal mechanisms. However, I find it important to mention that I am not there for the entertainment of an audience, it’s not about showing an act or playing a character.


Performance art, for me, is a multisensory, therapeutical and ephemeral activity by nature, a challenging position in a society focused on materiality and posterity. The bodily actions that come out of my concept and research thus far are translated into different utterances of performance art, because the message and the concept are leading. 


Charlotte Guirestante Ghomeshi.jpg

Charlotte Ghomeshi is a French-Canadian visual artist currently based in Montreal. She received a BFA in Photography from Concordia University in 2020.


Her work takes shape through photography and video. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, she addresses issues pertaining to the relationship between humans and their environment. However, her recent work focuses more specifically on a search for identity in relation to her Quebec, Iranian and Italian origins. Applying something akin to a therapeutic process, she develops her works around introspective research to address broader issues.



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