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Pil Tesdorpf (Pilat) is an illustrator and graphic designer from Denmark. Her colorful motifs are inspired by her many travels, where she is inspired by flora, fauna and citylife. Pil graduated from Copenhagen Design School in 2020. She has since worked as a freelancer doing illustration, graphic design and murals. 

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Hanna Mattes is a performance, sound and visual artist with a background in film making and linguistics. She positions herself as a photographer, writer, director and actor at the same time in many of her projects.


Ancient and modern myths, belief systems and the power of nature inform her work. She photographs land- and cityscapes and influences the negatives by painting on them, resulting in abstract images. Throughout her work she has photographed aerial phenomena, solar eclipses, meteorite craters, sun- and moon rises all over the world, weaving her personal stories into the greater context of mythology and nature. 


Recent solo and duo shows include Three Pieces at Gallery Lauwer, Den Haag (2020), Macrodoser at SP2 Gallery, Berlin (2019), Searching for the Cold Spot at Belmacz, London (2017). Recent group shows include Mom, I am a rich man! at Gallerie Rathaus Johannisthal, Berlin (2021); Cooking for the Apocalypse at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2020); Stone Telling at Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (2019). Hanna has published two artist books including her writing and photography: The Lunar System, (2019) K. Verlag; Searching for the Cold Spot (2017), Deutscher Kunstverlag. Since 2020, she has held multiple performances of her texts together with musicians.

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(n. 1991 Austin, Texas) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Queens, New York. Primarily focused on clay, she thinks of the process itself as an exploration of form, color, and testing the developing stages of clay as a receptive, sculptural material. "I’m continuously captivated by the endless opportunities to learn from the material's key elements, clay bodies, glaze chemistry, sculptural vs. functional, and firing options. All are a welcoming challenge in embracing unknowns that I find liberating."

Stefanie's work explores clay as a natural material that has the opportunity to constantly adapt to new environments. Her connection to clay is deeply rooted in ideas surrounding change and adaptation. Her work is a reflection of an ongoing exploration of molding various emotions, growth, and adaptation. 

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Josh is a graphic designer from Northeast Los Angeles. His work has been influenced by skateboard graphics, street art, 50s travel posters and propaganda styles. He's most interested in art that celebrates the stories and struggles of the working class and enjoys researching ancient cultures and their connections to nature. Currently he works in-house with the Sierra Club, an environmental organization that works on issues related to the climate crisis and protecting our wild places.

Coco Brun


As a French art director and designer, I like to combine old-school processes such as painting and hand drawing with modern digital tools. After five years studying fine arts in Paris, I started to forged a successful career as a communication consultant for up-and-coming European fashion designers as well as leading couture houses. In 2004, I moved to London to develop my illustration work, creating imagery for major publications spanning both the independent & mainstream press (eg. Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, Interview, Nylon and Muse). In addition, my work has been published in publications including Taschen, Gestalten, Victionary, and featured in exhibitions and installations in exhibitions in London, Paris, Los Angeles and Barcelona. It was during my time in London that I also conceived and launched the Forget Me Not studio.

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