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Anastasia Zielinski (b. 1983 Washington D.C.) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in oil painting, mixed-media collage, and installation art. Bright and bold with an emphasis on texture,  her art is a celebration of the natural world and the benefits gained from time spent in nature.  Anastasia’s multi-layered work is characterized by an abundance of visual information that verges on excess yet is appropriate to the subject. She credits the memory of her mother’s overflowing sewing cabinet for the reoccurring and expansive use of fabric and sewing notions within her work, both as material and inspiration for mark-making. With a BFA from Pratt Institute (2005 Brooklyn, NY) Anastasia’s foundation in traditional oil painting has informed how she approaches other mediums. Ms. Zielinski has shown her work nationally and internationally and has created site-specific installations for INSCAPE arts, Shunpike’s Storefront Seattle, and Spaceworks Tacoma. She currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.

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Jules is a Canadian illustrator and painter currently working in Toronto. 

She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design University to major in criticism and curatorial practices and acquired a minor in painting and drawing. After graduating, she set her degree on fire and focused on creating a style of illustration she could explore that managed to capture the craving she had for cheeky humour, bright colours and imaginative worlds. Julia’s paintings are often chaotic and full of optimistic nihilism: the belief that life is meaningless and that is what makes it most wonderful. In these seemingly meaningless moments, we have the power to define our purpos

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Marcus “Delmar” Clarke is a transmedia artist who is fixated on creating liminal spaces by combining mundane materials like dirt, rocks, cinder blocks, and construction materials, and giving them an ethereal quality through light and sound. His faith (and doubts within that faith) drives his practice, revolving around the pursuit of life to the full in mind, body, and spirit. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019 and currently lives in Austin, Texas. 

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I am a curious wanderer. I navigate my surroundings as if it’s the last time I will witness them; with love and memory. Hola, mi nombre de nacimiento es Aura pero al igual, uso el nombre de Carocol. Nací en el ‘93 casi un mes antes de los terremotos de Northridge en Southern, CA. I’ve dreamt about that time, it’s significance draws me to the complexity of life as we know it. I’m an artist, focusing on the visibility of the unknown, unseen, overlooked and erased.

Carocol is a graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz, (Sociology & Latin American/Latinx studies.) You can find her unrest and experimental works @alooclover @arteamoresflores