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Working across a variety of mediums, much of her work is based around rituals and places that bring about comfort, nostalgia and a feeling of home. Mahon’s work has become more and more about exploring perspective; the wonder of things being dulled because of familiarity and the varying perspectives of childhood and adulthood and how we move between those states as adults. 


Mahon’s recent shows include ‘Under the Same Moon’ with North Coast Asylum Gallery, ‘Common People’ at FRMD Gallery and ‘Little Stories Big Lives’ at J/M Gallery in conjunction with Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory. In addition to exhibiting, Mahon’s practice includes collaborating with other creatives across a variety of applications.


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Anna Slusser is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. They are inspired by the boundaries found in interpersonal relationships, past and present selves, as well as between soul and body. Oscillating between form and abstraction, their work is an exploration in sentimentality and emotional expression. Drawing on their childhood in rural Idaho, they instill a deep sense of fleeting memory in their art. The intention in their work is to act as a mirror, inviting the viewer to get lost in the depth of what one carries within oneself.


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Stijn Elshuis is a Dutch multimedia artist living and working in Amsterdam.  With his work Stijn explores the ways in which we deal with History. His works are experimental arrangements that draw attention to the difficulties posed by the concept of history, with the aim of broadening our view of the times in which we live. To this end, he examines history, anthropology, philosophy and images found in the media or in the public space and distills them into sculptural collages reflecting the socio-political discourse.


Julia Signe Fuhler.jpg

Julia Signe Fuhler (professionally, Julia Signe) is a Norwegian American fine artist and photographer based out of Chicago, IL. As a young adult, she traveled and spent extended time in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Central America to further her studies and work experiences. 

Julia's artistic journey is characterized by an exploration of vulnerability, trauma, and freedom. Her work serves as a narrative of introspection and resilience, drawing from personal experiences and observations of the holistic human condition- body, mind, and spirit. She received her BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2022, where she first explored her 'Bird People' series through painting and drawing. Julia is currently dedicated to pursuing artist residencies internationally to expand her cultural lexicon and seek out all things strange and whimsical to influence her work.


Matin Zad .jpg

Matin Zad is a Persian-Canadian artist and photographer currently based in New York. Brought up on both Western and Eastern values, dualities have been a constant throughout his life, as both inspiration and impediment. 

"Much of my work has been informed by an attempt to resolve the contradictions between my traditional values and my experiences living in New York."

Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in 2014, he’s been making personal and commercial work that straddles the line between art and fashion, gaining him attention in both fields. As an enthusiastic participant in the discourse on street photography, his photographs have a strong urban element to them, capturing moments of genuine candor. The figures in his photographs are often obscured as to become representations of an idea or feeling, turning the personal into the universal.

Matin has published two books of his work and will release his third with Éditions NYC later this year. 


Paulina Silva Hauyon.jpg

Santiago de Chile, 1980.

My references range between the history of art, literature and cinema, raised from a Latin American and decolonial perspective. Through painting and drawing I recreate, from my most instinctive side, interior landscapes that pierce memory. In these, the shadows extend and the black and color suggest that not everything must be brought to light. I maintain that painting has something indecipherable, its own vibrant vitality that contains and contains us and erases the limits between subject and object. As a Chilean artist, my view of the landscape focuses on confronting colonial domination and the scopic regime over the territory and the subjectivities that inhabit it. I transfer that same interiority to my works linked to writing, in which I bring together different voices to, through rewriting and collectivity, subvert the imposed colonial categories of oppression, submission and violence. In this sense, in these projects writing is a disobedient feminist tool that, from being together, allows us to rewrite, pluralize and confront history.

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