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Maya Gilmour’s artistic practice navigates the intersections between fibre work, print media, and drawing with an emphasis on the haptics of material practice, tenderness and care. Her work negotiates human-animal reciprocities, anthropomorphism, and notions of the abject or the grotesque body to explore intersections of human/non-human consciousnesses and instances wherein certain archetypes can be subverted or enhanced through their exchanges. Through the hybridization of humans and non-human animals in her paper, textile, and print based works, she explores both humanity and inhumanity by virtue of animals and their literary and metaphorical representations, and transposing or challenging these narratives into her ‘pseudo-human’ creatures. These ‘tender vessels’, or ‘abject bodies’,  therefore, become a lens through which stories are communicated and mirrors that reflect back encounters with the animal in everyday life. 

Tamar Black-Rotchin.jpeg


Tamar Black Rotchin is a visual artist based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal). She completed her BFA at Concordia University, majoring in Painting and Drawing. Using mediums such as painting, drawing, comics and animation, she creates her own versions of real life; surreal characters and the spaces they occupy. Drawing from her own experiences, she navigates some of the emotional complexities that contribute to forging a sense of identity, such as trauma, mental illness, self-image, relationships and family dynamics. She is interested in using honesty and vulnerability in a confrontational manner - as a means of introspection and connection, for both the viewer and the artist. Her work is reflective of a mind grappling with self acceptance, valued as an honest documentation of what it means to be human, with all our flaws, resilience, and humour.

Semilla Coronado.JPG


Semilla Coronado is an American artist of Venezuelan-Colombian heritage who lives and works in Denver. Semilla is interested in exploring the dimensions of identity in relation to place, working mainly with themes of ritual, belonging and animism. Her intention is to form homes in liminal spaces through communal acts and the collection of ephemera.

Semilla carries out collaborative projects through @belowtheconcrete, a D.I.Y art collective that organizes seasonal satellite exhibitions.

aimee sy.jpeg


Aimee Sy is a Filipino visual artist and art director living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her sculptural style celebrates memory and decay. Drawn to using materials that once held a previous life, her latest work embodies her relationship with memories.

Maggie Vanags.jpeg


Sveiki! My name is Maggie Vanags. At my core, there is a childlike curiosity that motivates me to explore, ask questions and wonder about my contributions. I crave knowledge of the past; the varying ideas and beliefs of people throughout the globe; and how nature, spirituality and the human experience intertwine. I grew up in and around Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota where developing a personal relationship with nature came easy and the communities are rich in creativity and potential. My art reflects my fascination of nature and spirituality, especially as it relates to my Latvian roots. I like to represent the real emotions of the people I hope to be a voice for, such as women. I am interested in the surreal, documenting my own dreams and the sometimes unworldly feelings of being epileptic. I draw inspiration from the people and scenery that I encounter and the new perspective gained from sharing in human and creative connections.

Charlotte Hodges.JPG


Charlotte Hodges, known professionally as Cha Metals, is a jewelry designer and goldsmith based in Atlanta, GA. Combining her background in graphic design with her traditional bench jeweler training;  Charlotte creates colorful and unexpected wearable art. Her meticulously crafted pieces reflect a dedication to mastering the craft of gold-smithing while her non traditional designs subvert the expectations of commitment jewelry. 


Charlotte centers her artistic practice around creating commitment jewelry that resonates with identities historically underrepresented in the industry. She has built a dedicated community around the idea of jewelry as a powerful form of self expression and has garnered a global following. Charlotte’s jewelry is made to be worn

and her work is displayed on the bodies of the enthusiastic collectors around the world who seek out her distinctive pieces.

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